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> On Oct 21, 2012, at 5:11 PM, tamouse mailing lists wrote:
>> Using the standard labels in /usr/share/zoneinfo should be able to
>> avoid having to keep track of who is and isn't in DST, *provided* you
>> find a way to map the user's address to one of those files.
> I am not familiar with this. Can you elaborate?

/usr/share/zoneinfo contains the time zone information in files and
subdirectories such as:


and so on, for all the various time zones.

You can use these names as strings in most time zone functions that
accept a time zone.

PHP knows about these; you'll find more info at

This doesn't help with the original question, finding out which time
zone a user is in, but once you find out, using the canonical names
will be useful without directly having to know if/when a particular
zone is in DST or not. You should never (ever!) have to deal with the
contents of these files; they contain binary data that is used in the
system to deal with figuring out that sort of thing.

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