I have use RAM DISK in IIS7.5 and MYSQL. 

PHP and MYSQL working in RAM DISK.  faster... 

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> Hello fellows.
> Have anyone already tested PHP inside RAM disk with some Apache/nginx
> accessing those files or even session files?
> It's just for curiosity and performance analysis.
> Thanks.
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> Att,
> Alan Hoffmeister

I have not tested it but I think it wouldn't be much difference respecting APC 
for example, maybe a tiny little bit faster reading sessions and other file 
stuff because RAM have really small access times, but database connections and 
stuff would still be your main bottleneck (I'm assuming you do).

I would install APC and set /tmp up into a RAM disc, mainly because not only do 
MySQL write temporary files into /tmp (example: if MySQL decides to create a 
temporary table which would be with almost any grouping you do), also apache 
does and, if you haven't setted up the session routes, sessions will also write 
itself to /tmp. Plus, if your machine happens to suddenly reboot, you won't 
lose any important stuff.

Getting /var/log/ into an SSD or RAM disk should help too, but again: if 
reliability is important to you, I wouldn't do that. 

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