Ovidiu Farauanu <ovidiugabr...@gmail.com> hat am 31. Oktober 2012 um 09:59
> Yes Marco has right.
> But more than that, OOP is mainly designed to run in a single threaded

..... I don't put a comment on that.

> environment and it is not the best idea to be used for concurrent
> programming because you will need synchronization everywhere and this slows
> down the code, but also ask for a lot of other troubles.

Well, just avoid the difficulties of creating a good program, because it is too
much efford?

> I think functional paradigm is more better suited for concurrent
> programming, and there are some nice features in PHP 5.4
> please see "Closures" and how "callbacks" can be used in PHP. Functional
> features are prepared for Java 8, and they are already in C++11.

What have closures and callbacks to do with concurrent programming?
Nothing. The execution is serialized. There is no parallel in it.

Together with your last message on the list on the same topic, you should
consider reading a bit more on that topic.

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