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> Is there a way to make difference between line breaks and paragraphs, when
> I save a text to a database from a user input? The new line characters (\n,
> \r) are not too consequent to determine when did the user only one new line
> or more new lines. (Some clients make only \n or \r, some others make \n\r
> or \r\n, etc.)
> What I would like to do is, to format the given text into paragraphs (with
> <p> tag), not just insert a batch of break line (<br />) tags.
> Of course, I want to retain <br /> tags as well, in case of the user wrote
> only one new line character.

Something like this should work…

  // Let's say you have $str as the text, and
  // assuming that all line breaks are \r\n and
  // not just \n. If not I recommend replacing
  // \r\n with \n first and removing all \r's
  // from the code below.
  $new_str = nl2br('<p>'.str_replace($str, '\r\n\r\n', '</p><p>').'</p>');

Untested but that should do what you're looking for.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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