Threading doesn't increase complexity? Spoken truly like somebody who has
not had to actually write, test and debug proper, high performance threaded
code. Please tell me how threading doesn't increase complexity of any data
I may agree if you talk about php running in cli, but then the very choice
of using php is arguable, you want to thread your console apps, write them
in a language that is threaded. That once again brings up the point that
that is not the market that is meant to be addressed. As far as your phone
goes, again why would you want to run even more threads, if you have 24
threads on your system, you will configure Apache to run 24 threads, each
of you which will serve a request in parallel which will make your server
capable of handling significant load. As far as php side goes, it's a
problem of design of the apps. Just because people decided to go through
hoops to use the threaded model doesn't mean that it is any faster than
writing to the same thing in event driven model, event driven way is
sometimes much faster than threads. Don't blame the language, blame the
poor dev who made it harder on themselves... There are plenty of big and
well performing systems online that pull data from many a locations on the
back end and still manage to serve it to you in less than 2 hundredth of a
second without the need for threading server side code. That's because they
are designed well and implemented well as a system.
Finally another thing to consider is how the operating systems deal with
high amounts of threads, how different architectures deal with them, while
Linux is pretty good about threads, other systems have significant
problems. Php is meant to run on all of them so you choose the model that
works for all.
Lastly I am sorry, but massively parallel architecture for general
computing is still about 10 years out. That's where parallel processing
design will be bore efficient and beneficial. When we have that, and
programmers learn massively parallel design, maybe then we will have a need
for parallel php (pphp?) for now, there is no need, only poor design.

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