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> I am having a problem with comparing time. I am using the following:
> $todaydate = date("D, M jS, Y g:i:s a");
> $showenddate = date("D, M jS, Y g:i:s a",
> strtotime($showsRecord['end_date']));

The date function returns a string.

> if ($todaydate > $showenddate):
>    echo "The date of the show has not yet arrived";
> else:
>    echo "The show has ended";
> endif;

So here you are comparing two strings; PHP has no idea they are dates.

> The problem that I am encountering is that PHP is rendering the reverse of
> the equation. For example:
> If today's date is *11 Nov 2012* and the show's end date is *18 Nov 2012*,
> the message that I am getting is *the show has ended* which is wrong. A
> test example is at http://www.lakesidesurrey.co.uk/test.php.
> You can also me what I am doing wrong?

Compare timestamps instead, i.e. time() for the current time, and what you get 
back from strtotime for the end date.


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