On 11-11-2012 22:47, Jim Giner wrote:
Besides the minor fact that the code has syntax errors, the problem with
it is your if is backwrads.  The facts are: today is less than end date,
so your if should show "The show has ended" since you are asking if
today IS GREATER than the end date.

BTW - this is the code I used to test out your process:

$dt_format = "D, M jS, Y g:i:s a";
$todaydate = date($dt_format);
$showenddate = strtotime("11/18/12 16:00:00");
if ($todaydate > $showenddate)
    echo "The date of the show has not yet arrived";
    echo "The show has ended";

Not only is the logic wrong, but date returns a string, while strtotime returns an int. Comparing those two to eachother is just... wrong.
Comparing 2 integers and saying one is bigger than the other: ok
Comparing a string and an integer, saying one is bigger than the other: recipe for failure.

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