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>Subject: Re: [PHP] memory allocation error
>This could be an issue with the library you're using, adodb, I'd check to see 
>if it has any debugging options to enable. I'm not familiar with it at all but 
>that may be helpful. I'd also check out adodbs bug tracker, if one exists. 
>Another suggestion would be use a profiler, such as xdebug, I believe thats 
>the name.
>Carol Peck <carolap...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>I just found that the die didn't fix it after all - just ran into it
>>So still looking for ideas!
>>On 11/12/2012 8:09 AM, Jim Lucas wrote:
>>> On 11/11/2012 08:45 AM, Carol Peck wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I've been chasing around a memory allocation error for some time and
>>>> can't figure it out. It is somewhat random - I can run the script 3
>>>> times and then it will happen, or sometimes the first time.
>>>> It happens at the very end of a script, actually after the script
>>>> finished running. I will see the following after the closing </html>
>>>> tag:
>>>> Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried
>>>> allocate 494142432 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
>>>> Just previous to this my mem usage is 3772104
>>>> The script itself does some database work (deletes, inserts,
>>>> but nothing very heavy and writes out an XML file. I use adodb 5.18,
>>>> server is PHP 5.3.18 (this was updated recently) and it is a VPS on
>>>> inmotionhosting.com.
>>>> As you can see, the memory limit is 256M so it's really high and I
>>>> see that I'm using more than 4M. The error doesn't fall through my
>>>> class - I'm assuming that's because it is happening after the script
>>>> complete.
>>>> I am completely out of ideas on how to trap it or figure it out.
>>>> Any ideas would be appreciated!
>>> Try adding exit or die at the end of what you know is the end of your
>>> scripts. See if the problem continues.  Maybe at the very end of your
>>> customer error handler.
>>> If the problem stops showing up, you might want to look at your PHP
>>> config to see if anything is setup in the "auto_append_file" section.
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