On 19-11-2012 10:49, Alessandro Pellizzari wrote:
Il Sun, 18 Nov 2012 01:09:11 -0500, Ron Piggott ha scritto:

echo "<select name=\"distributor-" . $row['promo_code_prefix'] . "-" .
$row['promo_code_suffix'] . "\" style=\"text-align: center;\">\r\n";

It could be wrote:

echo  $distributor-42-2;

You MUST disable register_globals in your php.ini

Once you have done that (and even before that...) you find your variable
in $_POST['distributor-42-2']

(or $_GET, depends on your form method)


I agree it should *always* be disabled, however even when it is ENabled, $_POST or $_GET (and also $_REQUEST) will always include that key and value, regardless of the setting on register_globals.

In general though, it is most wise to DISable register_globals and code assuming it always will be disabled.

- Tul

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