what is the recommended way to encode e-mail text in UTF-8?

When the site were running in a single byte code page like iso-8859-2
I were happy with the imap_8bit function and quoted-printable encoding
of e-mails. However, the function does not seem to work correctly for
multi-byte code pages like UTF-8.

Did you use header 'Content-Type:text/html;charset=utf-8' on the email?

No, I am using text/plain content-type, more specifically:
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE

The result e-mail looks like the following (I've replaced all english letters with just x):
xxxxý xxxx

x xříxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxěxx x xxxx=xxx xx xxxxxí xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

x xxxxx=xxx

xxxxxáxx xxxáxxx

The raw encoded version of the above text is the following:
xxxx=C3=BD xxxx=0A=
x x=C5=99=C3=ADxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx=C4=9Bxx x xxxx=3Dxxx xx xxxxx=C3=AD=
 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx=0A=
x xxxxx=3Dxxx=0A=
xxxxx=C3=A1xx xxx=C3=A1xxx=

The first "=" ("=3D") should be "f" and the second "a".

Or you think it might be a bug in the imap_8bit or imap_mail_compose function? Parts/attachements which are rendered as BASE64 are not being malformed, just the quoted printable ones.



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