2012/12/6 Pierre du Plessis <pie...@pcservice.co.za>

> Hi all
> I searched the internet (probably not hard enough), and couldn't find a
> decent answer.
> I was wondering why, when calling unset on an object, it doesn't
> automatically call the __destruct method (if it exists) on the object.

Thats because it was never intended :) The engine calls __destruct() right
before the GC frees the object, but unset() only decrease the refcount. The
next time the GC runs it will call the destructor and everythings fine

> When unsetting an object, php doesn't automatically remove references to
> other objects, and you need to manually call the __destruct method where
> you can remove any references to other objects.

Why? When the GC removes the object from the memory (which might be
slightly later) it also removes the references to associated objects and
when their refcount reaches 0 they will get removed as well. Whats the

> I know there is a lot of discussion around this topic, but couldn't find a
> definate answer as to why this isn't the default behaviour.

Why should it? Thats the way a GC works :?

> Any clarification would greatly be appreciated.


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