Ah ha.  Did that ever get ported to Zend 2?

--Larry Garfield

On 12/12/12 12:07 AM, Louis Huppenbauer wrote:
There's Zend_Search_Lucene, part of the Zend framework. I think it should
be possible to use it without the whole framework though.


2012/12/12 Larry Garfield <la...@garfieldtech.com>

Yes, I've worked with Apache Solr quite a bit.  It's a separate server,
however, and I'm looking for something with smaller requirements for a
concept I want to try. I'd consider SQLite, but I really need something
schema-free and PHP-native/easily-installable.

--Larry Garfield

On 12/11/2012 07:20 PM, israele...@gmail.com wrote:

Check out apache solr.

The php implementation of Lucene was very slow and had a lot of
perfomance issues the last time I tried it
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Hi all.

I recall hearing about there being a PHP port of the Lucene library some
years ago, but I don't recall whence it came.  It was a stand-alone PHP
lib, which needed some integration to be viable as an actual search
engine but worked up to a point by storing data straight on disk as
files.  That meant it didn't scale beyond a few tens of thousands of
records, but that's still a decent number.

Does that ring a bell for anyone?  Anyone know if it still exists, and
if so where?  I didn't find it in https://packagist.org/ , which is
where I figured it would be if it were still maintained.

I may have a use for it if it still exists.

--Larry Garfield

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