On Dec 14, 2012 9:49 AM, "Andy McKenzie" <amckenz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey folks, kind of a strange question here.
> Basically, I've been trying to move my style from "self taught" to "Oh
> yeah, there IS a standard for this."  One of the things I frequently
> want to do is define sections of my code:  to take a simplistic
> example, "this outputs everything that needs to be in file A, this
> outputs what needs to be in file B," and so on.
> Up until now, I've used my own standards (generally "####
> SectionName", since it's easy to search for).  But it occurs to me to
> wonder;  IS there a standard for this?  Most likely, the programming
> world being what it is, there either isn't one or there are lots of
> competing standards, but I'd be interested to know...
> Thanks,
>   Andy
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Actually, yes. Write smaller functions that do only one thing. DRY.
Refactor. Etc. Php include is cheap. Use the file system and names to
organize things. And if you aren't using a decent IDE or CMS,  start now.

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