On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Nelson Green <nelsongree...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Dec 2012 14:47:20 Stephen D wrote:
>> Yes!
>> Easy standard stuff.
>> $title = 'Mr.";
>> $user_name = 'John Doe';
>> $message = "Hello $title $user_name ...."
>> Just define the value for the variables before defining the value for
>> the message.
>> Note that $message has to use double quotes for the expansion. Also
>> consider using HEREDOC instead of the double quotes.
>> You may want to put your message in a text file and using the include
>> function.
> Hi Stephen,
> My message is in a text file, but I'm using fopen and fread in a self-defined
> function, so message is actually defined as (GREETER_FILE is a defined
> constant):
> function print_greeting($user_name)
> {
>    $handle   = fopen(GREETER_FILE, "r");
>    $message  = fread($file_handle, filesize(GREETER_FILE));
>    $msg_text = str_replace("USER", $user_name, $message);
>    print($msg_txt);
> }
> And my text file is simply:
> $cat greet.txt
> Hello USER. How are you today?
> If I change USER to $user_name in the text file and change the print function
> parameter to $message, $user_name gets printed verbatim. In other words
> the greeting on my page becomes:
> Hello $user_name. How are you today?
> I want to pass the name Nelson to the function, and have it output:
> Hello Nelson. How are you today?
> after the function reads in text file input that contains a variable 
> placeholder
> for the user name. I actually had a HEREDOC in the function, and that worked.
> But by reading a file instead, I can make things more flexible. I'd rather be
> changing a text file instead of a code file.

I use the include("template") method for this alla time, it works
great. Most especially for HTML emails coming from a web site to a
group of users, just slick as anything. include does basically just
what your print_greeting function does less the actual printout, but
using php variables instead of a str_replace. Also, this way the
templates can be stored elsewhere, outside the actual code base if
need be.

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