While complex, this is standard SQL. But this is a PHP list :(

The way to construct the statement is to use a nested select. Something like this

SELECT blah with variable blah WHERE ( SELECT value within dates and assign to variable)

To go further I would need to play, and I don't have the database.

I suggest you visit the great web site sitepoint.com. There are great SQL people to help you there.


On 13-01-31 02:21 PM, Angela Barone wrote:

        I have a formula that says, if 'specialprice' is not empty and it is 
lower than 'unitprice', use 'specialprice', otherwise use 'unitprice':

<?php $result = mysql_query("SELECT LEAST(unitprice,ifnull(specialprice,'9999')) AS 
used_price FROM catalog WHERE itemid='WB1836C'",$db);
printf('<b><font color="#555555">Your Price:</font> $%s</b><br />', 
number_format(mysql_result($result,0,"used_price"),2)); ?>

        What I'd like is to add a starting and ending date and if today's date 
is between those dates, then do the above formula, otherwise if today's date is 
not between those dates, then just use 'unitprice'.

        This is starting to get too complex for me, so I need some help. ;)  
Hopefully this makes sense.  If I need to be clearer, please let me know.


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