This is a tough one.

Lately, my web pages are giving me some problems. Once a day or so one or more of my pages/scripts will give me a 404 error page saying my web page has timed out. Problem is that the page was just displayed. I click on a link, the page shows up, I click on a button on it to trigger some activity and voila! An error. I hit refresh and my page is back and things work ok.

Some background. My pages/appls/development does not do much of anything other than record/display stuff from my dbs and show off some pics. Nothing fancy other than some js to enhance the viewing of these pages. No playing with anything time-related and very few cookies. So I don't have a clue as to what constitues a "web page timeout".

Can anyone enlighten me as to what I should be looking for here? Or even if it is something I'm the cause of?

For those who wish to experiment my site is jimginer dot net. Can't guarantee you'll get the error, but you might.

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