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On 2013-02-09, at 11:42 AM, AmirBehzad Eslami <> wrote:

> Dear list,
> We're a developing a PHP-driven web service with a RESTful API,
> and we have a dedicated Linux server for that with 6GB of RAM.
> Since this service will be used by many clients in a concurrent
> manner,  we'll face with a high-load on our web-server.  But
> web-services are different from web pages, for instance they
> don't include images, or in this case we only serve JSON.
> I'm wondering what are the recommended configurations for
> the Apache web-server in these situations?  Should we disable
> keep-avlie?  What about other directives?  Apache is our
> bottleneck, and we're trying to optimize it. Should we use nginx instead?
> Please let me know your suggestions.
> Thank you,
> -behzad

How much of that data is cachable? You're likely to get bigger performance 
gains from caching frequent data.

Keep-alive at maybe 1 second. 

But would need to know more about the app to be able to suggest more

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