Thanks for getting back to me....  you were right - I had misread the
headers_sent() Return Value statement.  When I went back and tested
it turns out that the 'initialize' routine is somehow prematurely
sending output out.   So, now I have to figure out which of the ten
called routines and classes/objects in the initialize script are the

I greatly appreciate the assistance,


On 2/9/2013 2:34 PM, Stuart Dallas wrote:
> On 9 Feb 2013, at 19:00, Jonathan Eagle <> wrote:
>> I'm having a problem with a very straightforward routine; one that works
>> in one PHP installation but not on the other. The only difference that I
>> can see between the working version and the non-working version is that
>> the one that doesn't work is running on the later version of PHP. The
>> following basic log-in routine works fine on my personal development
>> server, running PHP 5.3.3, but doesn't work on the production server,
>> hosted by 1& that is running PHP 5.4.11.
>> <?php
>> require_once('../includes/initialize.php');  //<== $session object
>>                                               init'd and set to false
>> if(!$session->is_logged_in())
>> {
>>        header("Location: login.php");
>>        exit;
>> }
>> ?>
>> login.php is in the same directory as the file that has this code at the
>> very top of the file.
>> Everything works as expected right up to the 'exit;' line.
>>      * $session->is_logged_in() is false
>>      * when tested immediately after the 'header("Loc...)' statement,
>>           'headers_sent()' reports true.
>>      * no error messages result (like: 'header already sent', etc.)
>> Instead of the program flow moving to 'login.php', the URL indicates
>> that the destination is the original file, except that the file is empty
>> - zero bytes.  I've tried accessing the routine via three different
>> computers, all running different MS operating systems from XP to Win7
>> and they all behave identically.  The behavior is also consistent
>> between browsers (i.e., FireFox, Chrome, and Windows Explorer).
>> I also did a $_SERVER variable dump immediately before and after the
>> 'header(...' line, expecting to see a difference in at least one of the
>> 'REDIRECT_*' elements, but both outputs where identical with the
>> exception that the $_SERVER ouput after the header statement was
>> executed was missing the following line:
>>      ["HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL"]=> "max-age=0"
>> It doesn't look relevant to me, but I include it to be thorough.
>> I looked through the PHP changelog pages, but I don't see mention of the
>> problem (of course, that might just be due to my ignorance).  The ISP
>> for the production version of PHP indicated that I should come here for
>> help, so here I am.
>> Can anyone shed some light as to what is (or might be) going on?
>> Any help or guidance that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.
> Check the output buffering settings. You say no errors are displayed, but are 
> you sure that errors are set to be displayed?
> You mention the headers_sent() result immediately after the header() function 
> call is true. If the header() function call had worked it would not be true, 
> it would be false. You have output being sent to the client before that 
> header() function call.
> -Stuart

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