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> Hi,
> We had an issue with the code of a junior php developer that used
> fopen to load images using the url of the companies website that is
> load balanced.
> We could not the detect the problem in dev and test because the dev
> and test servers are not load balanced.
> I know that he could load the images using just the filesystem, but I
> am curious to know why it failed and if the load balancer is really
> the source of the problem or it is a limitation on the function
> itself.
> Thank you
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I'm not sure it sounds like an issue with the load balancer, as a load
balancer shouldn't have any qualm with passing through the image data
associated with an http request (which is what the fopen wrapper
essentially performs behind the scenes.) It's possible that the prod
servers (those making the call to fopen) aren't configured to allow the
http wrapper. It could just be as simple as allow_url_fopen being set to
false, in contrast to the configuration of the dev server(s).



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