<?      echo "<select name='FIELDNAME'>";
        print "<option value=''>Select</option>";
        if($result = mysql_db_query($db, $query))
                while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result))
                        print "<option value={$row[1]}>{$row[1]}</option>";
        echo "</select>";

although personally I use mysql_fetch_array() so I can use the field name to
get the appropriate field rather than getting the second field returned from
the query (as you are doing).

        Tim Ward
        Senior Systems Engineer

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Bayfield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: 23 July 2001 10:34
> Subject: holding values in a select list on a form
> Some help please...
> I am creating a select list from a database, and I am trying 
> to hold the
> value of what has been selected by a user, while I do some 
> error checking.
> It is searching a mysql db to pull out the list. It will then 
> need to pass
> values back into the database. The code I am using is this...
> <? echo "<select name=\"FIELDNAME\">";
>    print "<option value=\"\">Select</option>";
>    for ($index = 0; $index < mysql_num_rows($query); $index++) {
>    $row =  mysql_fetch_row ($query) or die (mysql_error());
>    print "<option value=$row[1]>$row[1]</option>";
>    }
>    echo "</select>";
>    ?>
> If there is an easier way, let me know....
> Mark

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