Hi everybody,

Newbie is trying to set up OOP With PHP and MySQL or MySQLi database class 
(using CRUD)

Simple story: creating this class database by myself is way over my head. So it 
be best for me to find something on the Internet that has already been created 
and working to pro specs (using CRUD with good security etc).

In my studying, it seems that there is a difference between MySQL and MySQLi - 
MySQLi  being the preferred choice if I understand correctly.

There are lots of examples on the Internet however I don't know enough about it 
to know a good starting example from a bad starting example, so I would much 
appreciate any assistance pointing me towards a good starting point

This seems a good start to me untrained eye, but it seems to be for mysql - not 





any assistance is appreciated!

Dave - DealTek

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