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I don't know numbers, but my gut instinct is that the cycles wasted raising the 
notice (it gets raised even if it goes nowhere so turning display and log 
doesn't remove the hit completely) are better spent executing defensive code.

There is no reason, ever, that production code should raise notices about which 
you don't care. If PHP is telling you something might be wrong, something might 
be wrong! And if you're investigating the code already, figure out what's 
happening and deal with it properly.

Only lazy and/or developers ignore notices. If you're one of them and this 
statement offends you, you probably know it's right!


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On 14 Feb 2013, at 18:04, Roman Gelfand <> wrote:

> Is there a performance hit when a variable is undefined? or, perhaps,
> aside from the obvious uncontrolled conditions, are there other
> impacts?
> Thanks in advance
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