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Monday, July 23, 2001, 3:39:14 PM, you wrote:

CSP> This might sound a little strange but I'd like to query a Filmeker
CSP> database using
CSP> Php. I read in the Filemaker manual that ODBC drivers let us be able to
CSP> query the
CSP> database using basic SQL calls. Meanwhile, I tried to perform the task
CSP> but it
CSP> seems quite complicated to acheive... As anyone done this before ? If
CSP> so, some
CSP> tips would be appreciated.

CSP> Thanks a lot,

CSP> Christ.

Cooperation of filemaker and php together is very hard.
First of all I'd like to write that filemaker is not sql server.
I've done it before but only for a short time. With filemaker I'm
prefering lasso.

I've used MyODBC driver.

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