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tamouse mailing lists wrote:
>I hate arrays. :D
Here's a small snippet showing how it works, I hope:

foreach ($DPRpriority as $item => $value) {
   echo "<li> ".$item.": ".$value['name']." selected:
".$value['selected']." </li>\n";

Question 1: when did we have to add [] to a <input> name to turn it into
an array?

<input type="checkbox" name="DPRlocationdetails[]" value="Unknown">

According to phpinfo() it still comes out as
$_POST['DPRlocationdetails'] without [].

Are the [] necessary?
Question 2:
I was looking at some code in the Manual, where someone used isset and

How necessary is if(isset($_POST['DPRlocationdetails']))

and then to use: if(is_array($_POST['DPRlocationdetails']))

That seems like over kill?
Question 3:

My code works, perfectly. In this case, I decided to attack some
check-boxes first. The resulting function will work for <select
multiple> too..

Does anyone see me doing something wrong in my code below?

My questions are:

Is this the only way to pass "Unknown", "Family Home" or "Apartment"
into the function?

Is this correct?

---- if ($_POST['DPRlocationdetails'] == "Unknown")

Somebody once told me I had to do it this way?

---- if ("Unknown" == $_POST['DPRlocationdetails'])



<form action="foo.php" id="DPRform" method="post"><input value="Update"
<input type="checkbox" name="DPRlocationdetails[]" value="Unknown" <?php
filter_value($_POST['DPRlocationdetails'],"Unknown"); ?>> Unknown
<input type="checkbox" name="DPRlocationdetails[]" value="Family Home"
<?php filter_value($_POST['DPRlocationdetails'],"Family Home"); ?>>
Family Home
<input type="checkbox" name="DPRlocationdetails[]" value="Apartment"
<?php filter_value($_POST['DPRlocationdetails'],"Apartment"); ?>> Apartment

function filter_value($tofilter,$tofind) {
foreach($tofilter as $value){
     if ($value == $tofind) echo "checked";

The [] are necessary if there are going to be multiple occurrences of an input with the same name, hence the [] to allow your php script to extract all of the occurrences.

Using isset and is_array comes in handy to help you handle the incoming var properly. If it IS set, you then have to check if there is only one value (hence a string) or if there are multiple values (an array).

#3 - no idea what you are asking.       

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