On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Brian Smither <bhsmit...@gmail.com> wrote:
> PHP 5.4.4-TS-VC9 on Windows XP SP3 NTFS non-system drive with 18GB free.
> I dare not try to replicate this. As such, I cannot firmly place the blame on 
> PHP.
> I have peppered a PHP application with a call to a function which 
> appends-only to a logfile the parameters passed to it. Each pass of the 
> application creates many MB of content.
> It is conceivable that I ran out of hard drive space.
> When that which what I was working on seemed to be acting very weird, I 
> rebooted the computer only to see thousands of lines scroll by from Windows 
> repairing the file system.
> I discovered logfile contents in many dozens of files. The timestamp and 
> filesize of the damaged files were not changed. Only the contents replaced 
> with slices of the logfile.
> Again, I'm not going to try to 'intentionally' replicate this, so I ask:
> Has PHP's interface with the NTFS file sub-system ever been reported to 
> splatter a file across the contents of a drive?

    Not to my knowledge.  It actually sounds to me like a code issue.
Are you using file_put_contents() with the parameters in reverse
order, by chance?

    If you can show the write portion of the code in your iteration,
as well as a sample of the naming convention, it may offer more clues.
 In any case, either disk space or inode exhaustion is likely the
reason things borked-up for you.

</Daniel P. Brown>
Network Infrastructure Manager

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