On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 7:50 PM, Adam Richardson <simples...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Just wanted to toss this out as something I quick developed in case it
> could help others:
> https://github.com/AdamJonR/PreHP
> Essentially, I just wanted a quick pre-processor that would work with
> PHP so I could limit some of the processing done at runtime. As
> opposed to C macros, I wanted to design it so that files could/should
> be developed to be valid html/php without the preprocessor. The
> preprocessor merely speeds the performance. The example for templating
> could be redone to use includes and then replace those with the
> inlined content, I just prefer to work with skeleton HTML so I can
> validate the XHTML as I go within the static file rather than having
> to check the content on a test server.
> The preprocessor is dumb (for now, I'm not parsing the PHP to ensure
> the comments are not contained within strings, etc.), but this
> shouldn't pose an issue for most situations.
> Anyways, I just whipped this up so I could ditch Dreamweaver Templates
> (which I used so the templating happened prior to runtime, too), as
> I'm trying to save some money and I don't want to upgrade to the next
> version :)
> Happy Friday!
> Adam
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Congratulations on ditching the Dreamweaver Templates!

Now, as to preprocessing: how does this benchmark out? Have you
noticed a significant different in processing time, memory usage, disk
usage, etc?

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