G'day ,

Thanks to you both I have muddled through. The actual answer was

$Subject = "RVRA Contact Form - ".$_POST['MessageSubject'];

I had tried something like that but I used a comma instead of the period.

And, yes, I was getting error messages "Undefined variable" on line 6. etc but was too dumb to work out the fix :-(

The other bloke talking strine on 'tamouse' has given me plenty to work on. I see you were also talking about spring chickens and autumn turkeys. I reckon I am almost a dodo at 82 :-)

Thanks again to you all.



Michael CALDER
73/81 Willandra Road,
02 9981 6327

On 02/03/13 23:03, Maciek Sokolewicz wrote:
On 2-3-2013 12:23, Lester Caine wrote:
Michael CALDER wrote:
$Subject = "RVRA Contact Form - ,$MessageSubject";

Can anyone please advise or point me in the right direction for
instructions on how to combine the fixed text with the variable

The quick fix is simply
$Subject = "RVRA Contact Form - ".$MessageSubject;

$Subject = "RVRA Contact Form - ,$MessageSubject";
should work, what is the error? ... you don't actually want the ','

$Subject = "RVRA Contact Form - $MessageSubject";
Should work as well

No it shouldn't, unless you have register_globals turned On. Which most
hosts don't (and shouldn't) do.

The problem is the simple fact that the variable $MessageSubject is not
defined until 4 lines farther into the script. Changing the variable to
$_POST['MessageSubject'] (and concatenating using the concatenation
operator (the period: '.' )) should fix this for you.

If Michael had E_NOTICE errors turned on, he would see an E_NOTICE:
"Undefined variable" on line 6. Apparently, he doesn't show E_NOTICEs

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