Hello Nick,

Welcome to the list. I joined the list awhile back then unsubscribed for
no apparent reason. This list was very active years ago. I came back about
a few months ago just as a watcher. I didn't really post or participate at
all. I guess, there are a lot of watchers "only" people here. They receive
digest e-mails; they just don't participate in any way. Then, there are
those who lost their jobs due to the recession and so they dropped off the
list as well. There are a lot of developers unemployed. I would imagine
that other developers didn't keep up with the changes. PHP has come a long
way as far as Object Oriented Programming is concerned. There have been
many discussions about Design Patterns and extending existing classes. So a
lot has changed in the last 5 years.

I do believe that the list will pick up again.

Welcome back,

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 10:57 AM, Nick Whiting <prg...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello PHP'ers!
> Just thought I would introduce myself to the mailing list since I've worked
> with PHP for almost 10 years now and yet haven't really been community
> active ...
> I've developed quite a few open-source projects over the years that I hope
> someone here will find as useful as I have ... they are all hosted on
> Github @prggmr.
> XPSPL - Signal Processor in PHP
> docpx - PHP Documentation Generator for Sphinx
> Again Hello Everyone!
> Cheers!
> --
> Nickolas Whiting - prggmr.org
>  - Remember to write less code that does more faster -

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