On 3/4/2013 12:44 AM, John Taylor-Johnston wrote:
I have many different submit button.
<input value="Update" type="submit">
<input name="DPRmode" value="Enter Data" type="submit">

When php processes value="Enter Data", I would like to open a new
window, but only if I click this one.

Possible? I knw ther is an HTML target="" thingy. Can PHP do anything

Just put the DPRmode button in a separate form where that form's target attribute specifies another window name. Check your html reference for reserved names you can use or just make one up. If you need some of the input values that duplicated in this "new" form, use an onclick js function to populate some hidden html fields contained within the form from the original inputs outside the form. A bit of work, but very easy to do. OR - you could use that same js function to alter the target parm of the single form that you have.

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