No, but javascript can.

Jim Giner <> wrote:

>On 3/8/2013 3:43 PM, John Taylor-Johnston wrote:
>> Scratch that, IE does not like form elements outside the </form>!!??
>> I can't a form within a form either, unless ... I float a div??.
>> John Taylor-Johnston wrote:
>>> I have a form
>>> <form action="CRTP_Query.php" id="CRTP_Query" method="post"
>>> target="_CRTP"><input value="Query" form="CRTP_Query"
>>> type="submit"></form>
>>> OnSubmit, I want to include data from another form (form="DPRform").
>>> <input name="DPRsurname" type="text" form="DPRform" size="20"
>>> value="<?php echo stripslashes($_POST["DPRsurname"]);?>">
>>> I should use a hidden identical field and use form="CRTP_Query":
>>> <input name="DPRsurname" type="hidden" form="CRTP_Query"
>>> echo stripslashes($_POST["DPRsurname"]);?>">
>>> But I have no idea how to populate the hidden field with the data
>>> the viewable field. PHP cannot do this onsubmit, can it?
>>> Anyone have an example to show me please?
>>> Do I need to use jquery?
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