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> Mike, I presume you're saying the precedence of the Boolean keyword
> operators is lower than the Boolean symbol operators, but if so then
> wouldn't there be less need for the parentheses? I prefer using the
> Boolean
> keyword operators for both the readability and because of the lower
> precedence. Unless I've been wrong all this while and the keyword
> precedence
> is actually higher?

You are absolutely right, of course -- I failed to engage brain before
typing words! Both sets of Boolean operators have lower priority than
the comparison operators, so none of the parentheses are needed in
either of those cases -- it's the assigning operators (and ?:) that
come between the symbolic and keyword Booleans, so that

   $a = $b = true&&$c

means something different from

   $a = $b=true and $c

Thanks for picking me up on that one!



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