I need to learn to stop posting things over the weekend since they
rarely get a response.  Can anyone help with the below?:

I have the following code that takes an existing image, creates a new
one from it and writes some white text on top of that image:

header("Content-type: image/png");

$startingImage = "leftphoto_01.png";

$image = imageCreateFromPNG($startingImage);

//$white = imageColorAt($image, 30, 215);

$white = imageColorAllocate($image, 255, 255, 255);

imageTTFText($image, 24, 0, 10, 25, $white, "arialbd.ttf", "This is a



Problem is, the "white" text isn't white -- it's a dingy gray color.
>From reading around, I thought maybe if I took an existing white pixel
in the image and used that to set white, that might help (hence the
commented out //$white = imageColorAt... line in my code above)  That
didn't help either.  (and the pixel I sampled is exactly the shade of
white I want)

I am almost completely unfamiliar with color pallettes and how to
manipulate them.  Can someone shed some light on how I can get some
clean, bright white text on my image?



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