On Mar 13, 2013, at 5:02 PM, David Harkness wrote:
> isset() will return false for an array key 'foo' mapped to a null value 
> whereas array_key_exists() will return true. The latter asks "Is this key in 
> the array?" whereas isset() adds "and is its value not null?" While isset() 
> is every-so-slightly faster, this should not be a concern. Use whichever 
> makes sense for the context here.

Hi David,

        Thank you for the explanation.  It's nice to know the difference 
between them.  Since they are equivalent for my use, I went with 
array_key_exists, simply because it makes more sense to me in English. ;)

        Thanks again to everyone.  I got it to work _and_ there are no more 

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