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2013/3/15 Lester Caine <>

Simon Dániel wrote:


I have a trouble with PDO transactions.

I would like to start using transactions, but I am not familiar with it. I
have got a 'There is no active transaction' exception, however, I am using
beginTransaction method, and also I have set PDO::ATTR_AUTOCOMMIT to false
right after connecting to the database.
In my whole code I have used the commit method only once.

Between beginTransaction and commit methods, as far as I know, I did not
use anything that could activate auto-commit. In my test code, there is
only an exec method of PDO, and an execute of PDOStatement. Maybe one of
these activated auto-commit?

And what are the possible commands which are able to activate auto-commit?
I know that the commit method can do that, but - as I already wrote - I
have issued it only once, and it is in the destructor of a singleton

So what could be the problem?

You don't say which database you are trying to access. Not all actually
support transactions, and some need a connection correctly set.

I am using MySQL.

Have you read the warning on
It would be of more use if it actually identified what works and what does not :( I think you need to be running in the InnoDB engine to get transactions? MyISAM will throw errors on transactions.

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