...None of them will. This is not a part of IMAP protocol; it is part
of the mail server, and each server does that in its own way.

On a brighter note - if you use qmail, there is a very nice patch for
it that will allow to store users in a mysql database, so you can use
php to add/delete users whenever you want. We used that in
production for a couple of years now. Very convenient. Also
patches to make it work with postgres, and it won't take much
time to make it work with the DB of your choice, if you look at
the sources of those patches - they are rather simple.
Website is http://www.qmail.org/.

Now, crossposting is a *really* bad idea, and is not looked well
upon by the developers. You posted to 15(!) different groups
while only one (php-general) is somewhat proper for that question.
This significantly reduces your chances to get an answer to your
question at all.


Christopher Cheng wrote:

>Have looked through it already. None of them allows me to add/delete users
>"Dave Mertens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>>On Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 07:41:01PM +0800, Christopher Cheng wrote:
>>>Is there any IMAP/POP3 API/Modules of Linux email system (Sendmail)
>>>in PHP?
>>>I am looking for API to write a signup page for users.
>>Have to tried http://www.php.net/imap ?? Great source for API's ;-)
>>Dave Mertens

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