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> Captchas are not very accessible. Not only do you often need a near
super-human ability to identify the scrawl that's displayed, but if you
can't actually see very well to start with (maybe your vision isn't perfect
or you can't see at all) then you have to fall back to the audio
replacement offered by the captcha. I've tried listening to some, and they
are awful.

That is the premise behind what the folks at textcaptcha are doing, going
so far as to question the need for captcha itself

> One type I've seen (and use myself) which is gaining traction is that of
asking for a human type of response to a question, or have them perform a
simple mathematical problem, where the numbers are replaced with something

Those can be great. The sticky part seems to be i18n and common user
experience to answer the question, but this seem much easier to work with
then throwing something horrible at your users.

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