Hi everyone,

I have some weird problem with PHP compiler or something of this sort of 
things. We have some PHP files which are generated during the first request to 
the site. These files are normally executed via PHP then. For some reason PHP 
thinks that they contain syntax errors (verified using HTTP request, or `php 
-l`). I've found out it is extremely easy to resolve this issue manually when 
developing - simply renaming or touching that file resolves the issue. So, 
apparently those generated PHP files don't contain any syntax error. However, 
PHP thinks they do even across different SAPIs (CLI and FPM). Since fixing the 
issue in this manner doesn't seam reasonable even by some script on production, 
I'd like to know whether do you have any suggestion what settings to tweak or 
what might be the problem.

Here is some information about the environment (feel free to ask for more):
- PHP version: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.6
- OS: Ubuntu 12.04
- Software: Ubuntu packages only (updated)
- HTTP request handling: nginx load balancer → PHP FPM daemon
- Machine: VMware Fusion (managed by Vagrant) hosted on OS X 10.8.3


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