It is the equivalent of <?php echo $var; ?>  it's just easier to type and read 
IMHO. For a while people were freaking out that they thought it would be 
deprecated, but that is not (nor ever will be) the case.

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> Continuing in my effort to port an app from PHP version 5.1.6 to 5.3.3, the
> app uses this construct all over the place when building
> links:
> <?=$var?>
> I never could find any documentation for this, but I assumed it was some
> conditional thing - use $var if it's defined, otherwise use nothing. In 5.1.6 
> it
> seems to do just that. But in 5.3.3 I'm not getting the value of $var even
> when it is defined. Has this construct been deprecated? Is there now some
> other way to achieve this?
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