I've written a script that logs all visits to a web site, complete with 
referrer and IP address.  It also logs all 4xx errors.  What I'd like to add to 
this is, if someone adds extra code after the page_name.php, to be able to 
capture any extra code and log that.

        I've tried:


but nothing seems to get logged.

        Is there a way, when either a false url is entered and a 404 is 
generated, or just when someone tacks on extra code to the URL, that I can grab 
that extra info?  I'm looking for the complete URL that was entered by the 
user, not anything returned by the server.

        I've created my own 4xx_error.php files which calls my tracking script, 
along with creating the proper ErrorDocument lines in the main .htaccess file.

        There are a lot of pages that have come up in my search, but nothing 
seems to pertain to what I'm trying to do.

Thank you,

BTW, I know about Piwik and I use that, as well.  This is something I'm doing 
on my own.
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