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> One other thing I noted in the FAQ was this:
> "Dots in incoming variable names
> Typically, PHP does not alter the names of variables when they are passed
> into a script. However, it should be noted that the dot (period, full stop)
> is not a valid character in a PHP variable name. For the reason, look at it:
> <?php

> $varname.ext;  /* invalid variable name */

> ?>
> Now, what the parser sees is a variable named $varname, followed by the
> string concatenation operator, followed by the barestring (i.e. unquoted
> string which doesn't match any known key or reserved words) 'ext'.
> Obviously, this doesn't have the intended result.
> For this reason, it is important to note that PHP will automatically
> replace any dots in incoming variable names with underscores."
> I should note my user name in this case *is* an email address, however the
> dots in that address are *not* being converted to underscores as mentioned
> (at least not visibly).
it's says variable NAMES not variable contents

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