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> I know - it sounds OT, but listen.
> I have a form that has a "sign in " button which attempts to sent the user
> to a form in a password-protected folder.  In order to get there the user
> must provide credentials.  Once there the receiving script simply sets a
> session var and does a header() back to the calling script, where because
> of the session var that was set, a new group of buttons are visible for the
> user to click.
> Well, M$ did an update last week on me and now IE10 is acting differently
> in the above scenario.  Instead of my screen showing me back on my original
> menu screen it shows some other application window, probably the next one
> in z-order sequence.(?)  It looks like my app crashed or something since my
> IE is now behind the other appls sometimes.
> Has anyone else seen this, and if so, how does one counter it?
> Blame Microsoft for building a crappy product?
I guess IE has brought us web developers headaches since the beginning.

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