Tim Behrendsen <t...@behrendsen.com> wrote:

>I have had outstanding success with wkhtmltopdf:
>It's a self-contained standalone program that you can call from PHP. It
>uses a full-bodied HTML interpreter based on Webkit. Highly
>recommended, I've been using it for years. It's open source and free.
>I should say, I've used the Linux version. It looks like there's a
>Windows version, but I have no experience with that, if that's what you
>Rafnews<raf.n...@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>>Is there a solution to generate onfly PDF from HTML page, and from
>>user typed in form (let's say like a template) without using PECL ?
>>i read that is hosting does not allow such extension, we can not
>>generate PDF, so i would rather get a solution without such library.
>>Moreover i'm searching a solution free and that i can supply with my
>>I created a component that should be able to generate PDF files quite
>>often as service for user.

I think that requires external libraries that are not part of a typical shared 
hosting installation, which is what it sounds like the OP has. 

I've used it before myself though , and aside from some oddities, works very 


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