I know that I must be missing something really ridiculous, but when I print_r these arrays they are empty. I have confirmed that $arrayElement is properly formed, it just seems that array_push is not working. I know I have done this before, but I cannot find my older code. Can someone clear the mud from my eyes?

$issueDifferently = array();
$issueProblem = array();
$issueComment = array();

function addToArray($id, $namecred, $product, $level, $type, $message) {
$arrayElement = $id .'|'.$namecred.'|'.$product.'|'.$level.'|'.$type.'|'.$message;

if('DoDifferently' == $type) {
array_push($issueDifferently, $arrayElement);
} elseif ('Problem' == $type){
array_push($issueProblem, $arrayElement);
} elseif ('Comments' == $type) {
array_push($issueComment, $arrayElement);

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