Hello all.

Very odd behaviour.

if (extension_loaded('gender')) {
    $o_Gender = new Gender\Gender;


class Variable {

    public $value = null;

$a = new Variable;
$b = clone $a;

var_dump($a, $b);

If using pecl/Gender V0.9.0 with PHP V5.3.3, V5.3.13, V5.3.23, then I get
an error ...

PHP Fatal error:  Trying to clone an uncloneable object of class Variable
in - on line 14

No problem with V5.4.14

No idea why this is the case. Changelog for V5.3 doesn't reveal anything
regarding cloning.

I'm running this on a CentOS vm (not my speciality, so I can't diagnose any
further, sorry).

If anyone can shed some light on this, then that would be useful.



Richard Quadling
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