I'm running on a Mac with a Centos VM (via VirtualBox).

Was running from from our SVN server.

New repo, now running from GIT.

The checkout is on my local machine (using Netbeans, LESS, etc.)

The VM is running Apache and PHP V5.4.15

During the move, I've got some permissions issues, which I simply don't
understand enough to a) resolve myself, b) know what to ask for to get the
right help in solving the issue.

I've been told that the permissions on my mac via the shared folder through
VirtualBox to the Centos setup is where my problem lies. But I don't know.

Is there anyone who can give me definite help here? I can manually create
the directories, but that's just daft.

Nothing LOOKS any different between the two repos, but I don't know how to
tell beyond comparing ls outputs.

Any help would be good.

Richard Quadling
Twitter : @RQuadling

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