On 5/29/2013 8:03 AM, Al wrote:
I'm having a webpage Persistence problem, it is intermittent.  I suspect
it is caused by load-balancing.


Users are connected to a webpage form to complete.  Generally,
everything is OK if they take a minute or even more to complete the
form. However, sometimes they report to me, and I've seen it myself, the
connection has been dropped by the server in a short time.  They enter
the data and Submit it to the server, and the page just reloads and
their data is lost.

I have the PHP ignore_user_abort(true); etc.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it a server issue that you
must fix?

Thanks, Al.........
I'm not familiar with this kind of problem but I'm curious.

What exactly do you imply by your statement "Users are connected to..."? From my perspective, web apps are not connected to clients while the user is making input. Not like the old days of CICS screens, etc. So, as the other responder asked, are you handling the input from the user with a new script that is not properly handling the incoming data from the first screen? Persistance has never been an issue for me - I rely on Sessions to provide me any data I need, along with the POST/GET array contents for continuity, so I've never run into a 'persistence' issue. I suppose that a session can time out after a set amount of time, but certainly not within a few (5-10?) minutes.

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