Good morning all:

I have recently purchased a computer and am using it as a dedicated server.  A 
friend helped me install PHP and configure.  I am saying this because I wonder 
if using a newer version of PHP (compared to my commercial web host) may be the 
reasoning behind the error I am receiving.  

I created a function to generate a form submission key.  
- This created hidden variable for forms
- This is also session variable 

With this function I have an ‘ include ‘ for the file containing the mySQL 
database, username and password.  I know this file is being accessed because I 

echo $mySQL_user;

following the login credentials.  

But when I remove this line from and place within the 
function on the line following the include the "echo” returns nothing.  


echo $mySQL_user;

Can any of you tell me why this is happening?

Ron Piggott 

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