Tamara Temple <tamouse.li...@gmail.com> writes:

> Csanyi Pal <csanyi...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It is interesting.. that when I switch to English language for
>> Moodle installation ( on the web interface ), then I get not this
>> error, but if I switch back to Hungarian language for installation, I
>> get it again. 
> I am completely unfamiliar with Moodle, have no idea what it is or how
> it works with I18n stuff. But, if it works in one language and not the
> other, the problem probably isn't with curl, or necessarily with the
> php configuration, either.

It doesn't work in Englis language either, just at this step of Moodle
installation on the web interface, it doesn't complain for the missing
cURL extension. But, when I proceed with the installation in English
language, I come to the step where it shows up again the missing cURL

> When you switch to Hungarian, what are the actual errors you are
> seeing? 
> Stick the log in a gist or pastebin so it doesn't get mangled by
> email. 

I get no error message at this step of Moodle installation, when I use
Hungarian language.

>> The info.php file with the content of:
>> <?
>>  phpinfo();
>> ?>
>> should show the enabled cURL extension?
> I missed this one, somehow.
> Yes, exactly, the cURL module should show up on phpinfo() output.

Well, the phpinfo() output doesn't show up the cURL module yet.

I have the following directories and files in the 

/etc/php5/ directory:

 /apache2 directory with the content:
   php.ini file
   /conf.d subdirectory with the content:

     But here I don't have

     and I think that that it should be here curl.ini, xmlrpc.ini

     Why is not here curl.ini?

 /conf.d directory with the content:

 /mods-available subdirectory with the files:

 /cgi directory
 /cli directory

Regards from Pal

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