I haven't tested yet but I've found yesterday some good tips that maybe could work.

1) Xdebug wizard. Simple paste there the output of phpinfo() and follow the steps.


If you find problems with phpize, remember to run it inside the inner xdebug folder.

2) Go to your /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and add the zend_extension for xdebug and its configuration.

This is the post I've been following:


It's possible (I don't know it for sure) that you may have to activate in Eclipse one specific option about Jit:


Hope this helps!

El 12/06/13 18:01, Rafnews escribió:
Hi everybody,

I have big trouble to correctly configure Eclipse/Xdebug to remotely
debug a PHP website.
When web server is local i have no problem, it works like a charm...but
in case webserver is not local, that's a real nightmare.

till now everything what i found on internet was about settings for a
local debugging.
few are about remote debugging... and after reading them i still have
trouble.... it's like something is missing...an important step...

so i would like to know if someone could help me.
If you already successfully setup  eclipse/xdebug for a remote
debugging, please let me know.

i feel like a local copy of website root folder must exist on my client
computer but is it true ? how to configure eclipse to be sure it will
run code with PHP server ?

so please, contact me if you already did it.

thx a lot

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