To be more technical:

If intval('8315e839da08e2a7afe6dd12ec58245d') would return NULL instead of 8315 
then PHP would be still weak-typed and the developer could know that the 
conversion failed. Good idea? Of course NULL should be transparent in 
operations like +. So 0 + NULL should be still 0.


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> It gives up when it finds a non-numeric character (as the documentation would 
> tell you)

Why is PHP doing that? I know it works as designed and I know it is documented 
like this but that does not mean that it is a good feature, does it? So lets 
talk about the question: Is that behaviour awaited by PHP software developers? 
Is that really the way PHP should work here? May we should change that?!

BTW: I talked to some collegues and friends since my first post. They all 
guessed that "'PHP' == 0" is false within a few seconds. I think the 
weak-typed-PHP is a little to weak at this point.


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